We're a leading manufacturer of molded rubber products serving diverse industries including Automotive, Defense, Railways, Textile, Mining, Construction, and more

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T V Sundaram Iyengar started his entrepreneurial journey in 1911. He wanted to build a business that would create a family of like-minded individuals pursuing only the best in quality and standards. The success of the company is deeply rooted in our founder’s personal belief of commitment to the values of trust and customer service. Although the company was named after the founder, the letters TVS have always stood for Trust, Value, and Service within the company. It was only natural that success and market leadership followed.

First office building of TVS opened by our founder Shri T.V Sundaram Iyengar
C. Rajagopalachari Inaugurating the TVS Head Office in Madurai

About TVS Mobility Group

TVS Mobility is a multi-generational, family-owned company that prides itself first on providing premium automobile solutions, serving as a total resource for independent service centers, dealerships, fleets and aftermarket. The company originated from the business established by T V Sundaram Iyengar in 1911, serves as the holding company for enterprises overseen by the T S Rajam family members. Learn More

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About TVS Rubber

TVS Rubber is the flagship brand of Sundaram Industries Private Limited and a part of the TVS Mobility Group. It is a leading manufacturer of rubber, metal bonded and fabric reinforced rubber products for various sectors such as automotive, defense, thermal, white goods, railways, construction & earthmoving, and textiles. TVS Rubber based in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India, and has a rich legacy spanning over six decades.

The company serves OEM and aftermarket clients in five continents, with strategically located warehouses. TVS Rubber has a dedicated team of technologists driving research and development alongside robust manufacturing and testing facilities that ensures top-notch quality in its product offerings.


Manufacturing Practices and Certifications

The company’s rubber compounding facility boasts fully computerized chemical weighing systems with Poka-Yoke in place, ensuring precise measurements. Mixes are barcoded and stored in a fully air-conditioned vertical storage facility utilizing a FIFO system. Additionally, pre-formers are employed for crafting rubber slugs of accurate weight and shapes. The facility is equipped to source steel, cast iron, and aluminum parts, with a dedicated tool room housing VMC, CNC lathe, EDM, surface and cylindrical grinding, and pantograph machines.

Furthermore, our commitment to quality is reflected in our certifications, including IATF 16949, IRIS, ISO 9001:2015, and ISO 45001:2018. Additionally, our lab is accredited by NABL. Noteworthy accolades include TPM from JIPM, Q1 from Ford, VDA 6.3 from Wabco & ZF, SQ Mark from Hyundai, and ASES from Renault Nissan.


Leveraging Our Strengths

Our robust understanding of rubbers and polymers empowers us to provide tailored solutions for your development needs. By catering to diverse industry segments with varying requirements and applications, we continuously enhance our manufacturing capabilities, providing extensive exposure to rubber. Our highly skilled workforce, complemented by technologists in all functions, drives constant process improvements across PQCDSM. We prioritize ongoing investments in modern equipment, R&D, and training to stay abreast of industry trends and enhance our offerings.

With a flexible manufacturing process, we stay agile in adapting to industry changes, enabling us to handle various SKUs and deliver them on time and in full. Our NABL-accredited testing laboratory and advanced manufacturing equipment ensure that our products meet national and international quality and test standards. Furthermore, our well-established and stringent quality control procedures guarantee reliable and high-quality supplies to our valued customers.


Discover the TVS Advantage

  • Unlocking Excellence: TVS's Century-Long Legacy of Trust and Innovation
  • From Design to Delivery: Our End-to-End Solutions Guarantee Precision and Quality.
  • Time is of the Essence: Prioritizing Swift Delivery and Reliability in Supply Chain Management.
  • Global Reach, Local Excellence: Our Networked Supply Chain Delivers Anywhere, Anytime.
  • Your Growth, Our Commitment: Beyond Specifications, We're Partners in Progress, Fostering Innovation and Development.


Capabilities : Product

  • 50 Tons bi-axial testing equipment.
  • 1 Ton static & 100 HZ dynamic testing equipment with environmental chamber.
  • 2 Tons static & 100 Hz dynamic testing equipment.
  • 10 Tons uni-axial endurance testing equipment with environmental chamber.
  • 5 Tons bi-axial testing equipment.
  • Radial test, Torsinol test, Axial test, Cardanic / conical test.

Capabilities : Design

  • 20+ Engineers and 10+ rubber technologists
  • CAD/CAM interfacing
  • Shared CAE facilities for Non-linear analysis
  • Wide usage of TGR/TGW approach
  • We use ABAQUS, SIEMENS NX and AUTOCAD software for designing


Why Choose Us?



TVS has a legacy of more than 100 years. The name you can trust on and build great partnerships.

One Stop Solution

One stop end-to-end solution - right from design and development to finishing – every operation is perfumed in-house.

Supply Chain

We understand the importance of supply chain - Shorter delivery timeline and on time supplies.


Well networked supply chain to deliver products to any of your global facility

Partners in Growth

We will be your partner in growth. Not only meeting your specification – we go beyond to assist with your product enhancement and development plans

Values And Vision


  • Agility
  • Innovation and Technology
  • Customer Centricity
  • Accountability & Ownership


To exceed customer expectation by Providing world class quality products and ensure prosperity to all the stakeholders through Trust, Value and Service.


1962 Tyre Repair Material
1977 Inhouse Tool Room
1981 Injection Moulding
1986 Engine Mounts for Maruti
1996 Tie-up with Bridgestone
1998 ISO 9001 Certification
1999 QS 9000
2004 TPM Excellence & TS16949
2006 Supply to Nissan
2007-08 ISO 14001 Certification
2013 Ford MMOG & VOA 6.3
2014 Ford QI Award
2016 TQM
2017 CAT SQEP Award
2018 IAFT & NABL
2020 IRIS Certification (for railways)
2021 Caterpillar Best Quality Performance Award

Expanding Reach and Unmatched Quality

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