Rubber moulded products for the Automotive industry

Automotive is a highly critical industry that demands products with high-quality standards that translate to endurance and performance in rugged terrain and environments. We understand these unique requirements and have developed our polymers, manufacturing capabilities, and test facilities to offer appropriate products. We are experts in manufacturing products made of Rubber, TPE, Rubber- bonded with Metal and fabric-reinforced rubbers.

Braking Systems

Air Brake System

Bonded 4-way Valve, Grommets, Fabric Reinforced Diaphragm and related parts.

Hydraulic Brake System

Booster Diaphragm, Brake Chamber Diaphragm, Pin Boot, Piston Boot, Reaction Disc, Poppet Valve, Grommets, Seals, Dust Cover and related parts.

Parking Brake System

Critical Bellows, Grommets, Bushes, Pedal Pads and related parts.

Body & Trim

Wiring Harness System

Door Grommets, Wire Grommets and Boots

Frames and Bumps

Frames, Small Moulded Bumps, other Moulded Rubber Parts with intricate shapes for fitment and function


Engine & Transmission

Anti Vibration Mounts

Engine Mounts, Exhaust Mounts, Bump Stops, Suspension Bushes, Strut Mounts, Control Arm Bushes.

Air Suspension Bushes

Gear Shift Leaver Boots

Gear Shift Lever Boots are offered in various sizes and shapes with metal or plastic bonded or plain rubber.

Oil Seals

Front Fork Suspension, Steering and other Sealing applications.

Steering Systems

Steering boots & Bellows

Steering boots, bellows, dust covers, CVJ boots and Seals. Rubber and TPE

HVAC systems

Seals & Cut Gaskets

Seals, Cut Gaskets for Ducts, Grommets, Radiator Gaskets, Frame Gaskets, Mounting Bushes, Washers and other Seals.

Other Automotive Parts

Bellow Cover

Bellow Cover for Suspension Springs, Petrol Tank Inside Hood, Gaskets, Fenders, Foot Rests and other rubber or TPE components.