India Japan Lighting Private Limited

Company Profile

India Japan Lighting Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in December 1996. It is a 70:30 Joint venture between Koito Manufacturing Company Limited, Japan and Lucas-TVS Limited, Chennai.

The company manufacturing Headlamps, Rear combination lamps and various other small lamps for automotive applications.

The headlamp and rear combination lamp are aerodynamically styled and represent the state-of-the art technology. The company has introduced state-of-the-art clear plastic lens, multi-focal reflector headlamp with auto leveling mechanism, PES Head Lamps, GDHL Lamps with DRL Light Guide and Edge Lighting Facility and Clear lens rear combination lamps, Multi Colour Rear Combination Lamps and LED Lamps. The company has already developed and tested successfully Bi – LED head Lamps and will be supplied to customers in coming months. All products of IJL are designed to meet international levels of quality.

IJL has 3 manufacturing plants. IJL’s first and second plant is situated in Puduchatram Village, near Thiruvellore, about 40 KilometersfromthecityofChennai.IJL’sthird plantisatBawal, Haryana.

IJL has all the infrastructure & facilities requires for in-house Lamp design, development & manufacturing. The company has a Totalcapacityofmanufacturingover2.8MillionsHeadlamps per annum and d 2.7 millions RCL lamps per annum (Both Chennai and Bawal together).

IJL is Certified with TS – 169494 & ISO – 14001 .

JL’s Current Sales turnover for FY 2014 – 15 was Rs. 433 Crores (USD–66Million).


Head Lamps: Halogen PES Head Lamps, HID PES Head Lamps, Single/Double Chamber MFR, LED Lamps. Head Lamps with DRL (Day time Running Lamp) Edge Lighting and Light Guide technology.

Tail Lamps: LED Tail Lamps, Bulb Type with Multi colour Lenses.

Small Lamps: Fog Lamps, Side turn signal lamps, Front turn signal lamps, Room Lamps, Roof Lamps, and High Mount Stop Lamps.

Registered Office:

Address: “Aalim Center”, 2nd Floor 82, Dr.Radha Krishnan Salai, Chennai600 004, Tamil Nadu

Phone: +91-044- 28111200
Fax: +91-044- 28115624

Plant 1 and 2: Chennai

Address: No: 1 Puduchathram Village, (Via) Thirumazhisai, Thiruvellore high road, Thiruvellore602 107, Tamil Nadu

Phone: +91 – 044 – 39106206 / 213, Marketing Extension: 246
Fax: +91 – 044 – 39106106

Plant 2: Bawal

Address: Plot No. 22 to 35, Sector 6 HSIDC Growth Center Bawal, Rewari123 501, Haryana

Phone: +91 – 1284 – 264235 / 236 / 238 / 241
Fax: +91 – 1284 – 264237

Contact: K. Sato, President

Phone: 7358387796

Contact: B.S. Sivaram, Head Marketing

Phone: 9840089734

Contact: N. Vishnu Vardhana Rao, Head Operations – Chennai

Phone: 9840236411

Contact: S. Sandeep Singh, Head Operations – Bawal

Phone: 8222899146