Sundaram Fasteners Limited

Company Profile

Established in 1966, Sundram Fasteners limited (SFL) is today the largest manufacturer and exporter of high tensile fasteners. SFL’s product range includes High tensile fasteners, Hot & Warm forged components, Powder metal parts, Cold extruded parts, Iron powder, Radiator caps, Gear shifters, water, Oil & Fuel pumps, Rocker Lever assemblies, Cam followers, Valve tappets, Rocker Shafts, Bearing Housing Belt Tensioners and Non-ferrous components and assemblies.

2014 -15 Sales was Rs.32.68billion (US $533million)

The first Indian company to get the ISO 9000 certification, today all the divisions of SFL are certified for ISO/TS 16949, ISO 14000, AS9100 & OHSAS 18001. We have manufacturing facilities not only in India but also in China, United Kingdom and Germany.

Unique industrial relations have ensured that the company has not lost even a single day since inception.

Products / Services

High tensile fasteners: A complete range of standard and special fasteners, standard fasteners include hex screws/bolts, flange screws, carriage bolts, hex nuts, flange nuts, weld nuts, socket head cap screws, socket set screws etc.

The special/critical fasteners range include connecting rod bolts/nuts, cylinder head bolts/studs, main bearing cap bolts, flywheel bolts, crank shaft balancer bolts, banjo bolts, wheel bolts/studs/nuts, assembly two piece wheel nuts, all metallic lock nuts, Wind Energy Fasteners, ball pins, adjusting screws, turbocharger shafts, Fasteners for Aero Space industry, etc.

Hot Forged & Precision Machined parts: Differential gears & transmission components, dog-tooth gears, couplingflanges,connectingrods, Gen3Bearingcomponents, Wheelhubs,Spindles, Sprockets,dieselfuelinjectionpartsand Stainless steel Parts for Turbo chargers.

Radiator Caps & Assemblies A complete range of metal/Nylon radiator and surge tank caps. Metal cap includes Mini, Small, Regular, Micro and Lever Vent Caps. Nylon Cap includes ‘O’ Ring Ratcheting, Ford Yellow, Hybrid Dual ‘O’ Ring and sombrero ratcheting caps, Park Pawl Assembly, Fuel & Oil filler caps.

Sundram Fasteners Limited is a principle supplier to General Motors,Ford,andChryslerinNAOandJLRinUK. Suppliesmade on JIT basis from warehouses in UK & USA with EDI capability.

Powder Metal Parts, Cold Extruded Parts, Iron Powder parts

Powder metal parts: Cam shaft retainer, fuel pump eccentric, rotor for oil pumps, oil pump gears, main bearing caps, valve seat inserts, valve guides, water pump hubs, water pump pulleys, crankshaft & cam shaft timing pulleys, rocker arm supports, synchronizer hubs, Clutch Hub – Automatic Transmission, Reluctor Ring (Vehicle speed sensor), Cam Timing Sprocket, Slide & Rotor shaft assembly for Variable Displacement Pumps, keys & rings, shift fingers / levers, pistons, fuel pump gears, shock absorber pistons / cylinder ends, rod guides, diesel fuel injection pump parts, brake slack adjuster rack/pinion, starter motor bushes, compressor pistons/valve plates etc.

Cold Extruded Parts: CV Joint parts, starter sleeves & pinions, pole pieces, cams, DOJ parts, CV cages, CV inners, flanges for three wheelers sliding pieces. Inner sleeve, transmission shafts, gear blanks, fan hubs, piston caliper, bearing races etc.

Iron Powder: Iron powder for PM parts, welding electrodes, steel industries and magnetic tapes.

Autolec Division: Water pumps, Oil pumps, Integrated front cover with oil and water pumps, Mechanical fuel feed pumps, Belt Idlers, Auto Belt Idlers, Belt Tensioner, Valve Tappets, Rocker Shafts, Rocker Arms, Cam Followers & Injector Levers, Cam Followers Rollers and Pins, Bearing Housing, Fan Supports, Cam Shaft, Pulleys & Precision Machined components, Suspension & Chassis parts, Grey and Ductile iron – Machined components, Aluminum pressure die cast – Machined components, etc.

Registered Office & Corporate Office:

Address: 98 – A, VII Floor, Dr. Radhakrishnan Salai, Mylapore, Chennai – 600 004, India.

Phone: +91 44 28478500
Fax: +91 44 28478508 / 510

Factory: Fasteners & Hot Forgings

Contact: C. Rajagopalan, Vice President – Marketing International & Domestic

Phone: +91 44 26253204
Fax: +91 44 26257493

Autolec Division:

Contact: S.Bharathan, Sr. General Manager – Marketing International & Domestic

Phone: +91 44 26492265
Fax: +91 44 26272696

Powder Metal Parts, Cold Extruded Parts, Iron Powder Parts:

Contact: R. Krishnan, Sr. General Manager – Marketing International & Domestic

Phone: +91 4344 271235
Fax: +91 4344 276082

Radiator Caps & Assemblies:

Contact: G Parthasarathy, Sr. Manager– Marketing

Phone: +91 44 26258460
Fax: +91 44 26522336